This Miracle Ironing Board Cover is the finest set available. Used correctly, it will give you a long life of trouble free, time saving ironing. It will save energy and prolong the life of your garments.

The cover is woven with Owens-Corning Fiberglass yarn and is guaranteed never to burn. It is a weave used for fire fighters, racecar drivers and astronaut's protective clothing. It reflects approximately 95% of the heat placed on it, making it possible to with a MEDIUM heat setting (either steam or dry) to iron all fabric-linen, cotton, silk, wool and synthetics. Place buttons, snaps, zippers, needlework, and fabric with nap right side down and iron on the backside. The nap, hardware or needlework sinks into the super cushion allowing the iron to glide easily, and perfectly iron both sides at once.

Some synthetic fibers, especially polyester, may act differently than natural ones. If slipping problems occur, a piece of cotton muslin placed over the board, or the "Easy Grip Cotton Sleeve" placed on the board will eliminate the problem.

Wash by hand or wash in machine, gentle cycle, drip dry, instead of hand wash
NOTE: some liquid detergents can harm the cover.

The iron caddy helps to prevent an iron from slipping or falling. An iron on MEDIUM heat can be left on it for a prolonged period without danger of burning or melting.

The cover is reversible and the heat reflective properties are the same on either side. Because of ironing preferences, some ironers may prefer to use one side of the cover to the other.

Notice to Quilters! Wonderful for pressing block seems easily and perfectly. Avoid the imprints from the seam allowance and protect the fabric from excessive heat using the MEDIUM setting.
‘can use a dry iron and fabric to press for quilting.’